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8 Best Alternative to Notepad++ for Mac

As of version 7.1 of Notepad++, the interface has changed a bit. To set N++ to use spaces instead of tabs, open Preferences and choose Language. On the right side of the screen, there’s options to adjust tabs. When you first open that setting, you’ll likely be editing the default tab settings. Scroll down that list and choose yaml and then you can check “Replace by space” and set “Tab size” to 2.

  • Some apps change the case of filenames without notice but those changes aren’t really necessary nor wanted.
  • These applications enable you to customize the interface and other coding activities on Mac operating system.
  • With this setting, the TortoiseSVN does not fetch the status at all in Explorer.
  • Win32 API includes of many components, like file systems, process, devices, threads and error handling.

It is one of the powerful text editors as an alternative to Notepad++. Emacs is widely popular for its flexibility and extensibility for various plugins. In addition, it is a highly customizable and self-documenting editor. This editor is written in Lisp and C languages, providing a simple yet efficient interface with real-time data functionalities

Fira Code

To do this, open or create the file that you want to place side by side or make another instance. Then, right-click on the tab and select Clone to Other View. Despite the fact that Notepad++ has been around for ages, it still receives regular updates and bug fixes available for download via the official website.

In this article, I will show you how you can execute Java directly from your favorite terminal window. The procedure is quite easy, and after reading the entire article you should be able to run your own Java code in the terminal. Many of you might have heard that experienced professional programmers also use the terminal to execute the programs.

Additional Related File Types

This open source tool supports hundreds of plugins and macros. It offers a large collection of plugins maintained by a worldwide developer team. JEdit is an advanced text editor and source code editor for Mac. The application is completely free and has pre-mapped shortcuts for effortless coding.

Atom is modern, approachable, and hackable to the core. Instacart, Lyft, and PedidosYa are some of the popular companies that use Xcode, whereas Notepad++ is used by Jitbit, Implisit, and Pronto Ischia. Xcode has a broader approval, being mentioned in 1039 company stacks & 585 developers stacks; compared to Notepad++, which is listed in 182 company stacks and 483 developer stacks. In 2014 Lifehacker readers voted Notepad++ as the “Most Popular Text Editor”, with 40% of the 16,294 respondents specifying it as their most-loved editor. The Lifehacker team summarized the program as being “fast, flexible, feature-packed, and completely free”. Whisk isn’t an advanced editor, but it works well and gives you an easy way to see your work in real-time.

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